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Chapa, Viola SPED Instructional Aide  SPED  
Dominiquez, Sinthia  SPED Instructinal Aide  SPED  
Johnson, Cassie  SPED Instructional Aide  SPED  
Morgan, Chevonaree SPED Instructional Aide  SPED  
Smith, Kimberly SPED Reading Resources  SPED 105C
Jackson, Sydney SPED Math Resources  SPED 105B
Ortiz, Ruth SPED Life Skills  SPED 105A
Guten, Andria SLP Speech 105D
O'Neil, Kathy SPED Diagnostician  SPED 105E
Conway, Penny MTA Dyslexia 112B
Whitman, Lisa MTA Dyslexia 112A
Ogunoye, Yemi Computer  Computer Lab 204
Long, Roderic K-6 Music Music Auditorium
McKinnon, Kenny P.E.  P.E.  Gym
Parker, Raymond  P.E.  P.E.  Gym
Witherspoon, Jessica Science Lab Teacher Science Lab 113
Carroll, Yvonne District OASIS OASIS  
Paxton, Rita Math Interventionist Math Office 
Brown, Erica  Reading Interventionist  Reading  Office 
Barth, Candice Reading Interventionist  Reading  Office 
Lee, Sherry Instructional Aide 
Washinton, Ashley Instructional Aide 
Rachel, Tanya Instructional Aide 
Williams, Yolanda  Instructional Aide 
Tobar, Melonie Instructional Aide 
Guerrero, Elizabeth  Bilingual Instructional Aide 
Almaguer, Adrienne Bilingual Instructional Aide 
Williams, Mari  Permanet Substitute 
Miller, Andrew  Facilities