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Counselor's Corner

DeAnna Woods, LSOCE Counselor

214.376.8200 ext 164


My name is DeAnna Woods.  This is my 16th year in education.  I was a classroom teacher for ten years and I have served as the elementary school counselor/special program coordinator for the last 5 years.  I love being a counselor and serving you, your child, and our staff in a variety of areas.    

My job is to support students, school staff, and parents as they work together toward student academic success.  I accomplish this goal through the following categories of services:

*Response Services: I work with students, teachers, and parents in need of services which could include resource materials, consultation, or counseling services.  School counseling is brief and solution-focused in nature and centered on the academic needs of the student.  If you feel your student may benefit from school counseling, you may complete a Counseling Permission Form and return it to your child’s teacher.  I will then contact you to discuss your child’s needs.

*Guidance Lessons: LS guidance lessons are focused on positive character development and are carried out in the classroom.  I support the teacher with resources and by visiting their class to provide guidance lessons for their students each six weeks.

*Individual Planning: I assist with all special student programs such as ESL, 504, and RtI (Response to Intervention).   I work with teachers and parents to make sure that the individual academic needs of students are being met.

*Systems Support:  I provide training for LS staff throughout the year to help them meet their goals to educate students.