Life School's 2019 Math Camp: Empowering a niche for numbers

In a fun-fueled four-day Life School Math Camp, students learned valuable financial literacy skills disguised as entertaining games and activities during last week’s camp. 

From team cheers to energizing competitions, and inventive ways to “earn more money” through chores and extracurricular jobs - each room echoed with laughter and excitement. 

“They’re not too young to learn financial literacy,” expressed Sharon Gray, Math Camp Lead Instructor. “These kids are starting and entering into first grade [and] second grade using the words like ‘budgets,’ ‘planning,’ and are excited about learning and managing their own money.” 

And the fun didn’t stop there! Life High School students also participated as volunteers, teaching their teams about the value of money and identifying currency through song and dance. 

“If you make things fun, the kids can learn everything […] They have taken to it quickly, and are very responsible - they love it,” Gray articulated. 

And in the spirit of summer-fun learning, Life School’s CFO, Megan Harrison, joined the festivities, guest speaking on the importance of financial literacy. 

“They were very engaged and had lots of questions. Overall, the high energy and excitement was there,” Harrison described the camp’s atmosphere. “Just being exposed to the different vocabulary lets them recognize things as they get older, so teaching them those basic things at an early age sets a strong foundation for them.” 

“It’s really neat that our Life School staff invests their time in the summer to continue letting kids learn and giving them that fun place to develop those skills during the summer,” she concluded. 

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